A Wedding Planner: The Quarterback


In honor of the Super Bowl it’s only fitting we bring you a wedding planner’s version of football. Fiancs sometimes have trouble understanding why a wedding planner is necessary, so we’ve created a breakdown he is sure to connect with!

A Big City Bride wedding planner is the quarterback of the ultimate Super Bowl-your wedding day! 

•  Team Coordinator: Wedding planners TAKE control and PRODUCE results. Just as a quarterback coordinates between and during plays, your Chicago wedding planner provides the ultimate planning experience. A quarterback will touch the ball on every offensive play, a wedding planner is hands-on involved in everything wedding. From tastings to day of timelines…your wedding planner is your ultimate resource to produce the results you want.

•  Knows How to Work the Field: A quarterback doesn’t run the same plays the entire game. He will examine the situation to make the most effective play. Big City Bride is a team of seasoned wedding planners… and we know how to run the ball. Just like football plays, no two weddings are ever alike. Every wedding planning package is completely custom to fit our couple’s needs. We meet with you, discuss your vision and build you a package to fit just what you need! 

•  Sideline Studies: Even when a quarterback is not on the field, he will study the plays to see how the defense is doing. On your wedding day, even when there is a sideline moment your Big City Bride wedding planner is ALWAYS focused. From timing meal courses to coordinating speeches we are 100% in the game!

•  Home Field Advantage: Every quarterback loves playing in his home stadium. Imagine this…every wedding venue is Big City Bride’s home field. We are experienced, skilled and know the ins and outs of wedding venues to create the perfect day. Weddings are a repeat business for us; weddings are our home field advantage. 

•  The Communicator: A quarterback must have exceptional communication skills with his team and coach to produce plays. Well, as wedding planners we do all your communicating. We connect you with vendors, we examine contracts, we TRIPLE confirm everything and we make sure everyone is in the know. 

  • Loyal Team Player: A good quarterback is loyal to his team and the game. A wedding planner is no different. We are loyal to you and to your wedding. We dedicate hours to making sure your day is stress-free and perfect. We examine situations, understand problems and produce results. We have the skills to create your dream wedding. 

A wedding planner can turn all of your wedding dreams and ideas into a reality. Big City Bride has the tools, resources and knowledge to maximize your budget and minimize your stress! Share this post with your soon to be hubby, this will give him a sense of what a wedding planner can do for his wedding. 


Chicago Restaurant Week

It is that time of year again when Chicago begins to buzz with the most amazing food and deals. Chicago Restaurant Week is just around the corner and there is A LOT to take note of. Big City Bride is an office of Chicago wedding planning foodies. We customize wedding menus, sit in on tastings, explore catering options and are always open to a new Chicago restaurant. Chicago is home to some of the best food…make time to try some! Choose Chicago calls it “14 belt-busting days”…and we completely agree! Chicago Restaurant Week 2015 will be from January 30 through February 12 full of dining deals. Wonderful food on an amazing budget! Menus’ range from $22 for lunch and $33 and/or $44 for dinner (excluding beverages, tax and gratuity). OVER 250 restaurants take part so a plan and reservations are a must!  Also, there is an exclusive First Bites Bash, January 29 at Union Station. Union Station has been home to so many Chicago BCB weddings. We have decked the Great Hall from top to bottom and tasted some pretty amazing food there…we have no doubt Thursday will be the same! Let out your inner foodie and what enjoy Chicago has to offer.

Stylish Grooms for Wedding Day

With a team of such seasoned Chicago wedding planners, Big City Bride is able to plan weddings for clients of all styles. We have some who love the details, some who are all about the food and some who love it ALL. Each new couple brings a new style to the wedding day. However…lately, it is not just our brides bringing style, but the grooms too! We have seen outfit changes, rustic boutonnieres, patterned socks, funky bowties, mix and match patterns and lots of color! This new trend can be classified as tradition with flair. It brings an extra personal touch to the wedding day. Is your man a bit stylish? Adding any of these elements is the perfect way for him to feel involved in the creative process of wedding planning. Let him decide the extra “piece” he would like to add to his wedding day attire. Brides…don’t worry! This will not interrupt your wedding day style. There are ways to keep it unique and uniform. For example, patterned wedding day socks matching the wedding theme and color is the most popular groom style. The groom will wear an extra special pair and all of his men can have different patterns of the same color. Two wonderful extras with this: photo op and groomsmen gift! The groom can gift special socks to each of his guys…this way it remains uniform, but also personal.  Any of these options can add extra style to your wedding without breaking the budget. Your man will love being included and you will love the personal style it brings to your day. Here are some stylish grooms spotted at Big City Bride weddings. 




Dreaming of a Winter Wedding


Thinking of a winter wedding? For those selecting a wedding date there is much to consider. You begin to ask yourself is the venue and church of choice available? Does this date conflict with any citywide conventions or music festivals? Summer? Winter? It is important to explore all options and maximize your wedding budget with whichever option you choose. In the heart of Chicago’s winter, a less popular season to wed, we wanted to share a few reasons newly engaged couples should consider a winter wedding celebration.

  • For those on a tighter budget, a winter wedding can help lower costs! It is not peak wedding season, so some vendors will have different pricing because of less demand. Explore this option!
  • Your wedding will be much anticipated! Guests will be eager to ditch the snow boots and dance the night away in fancy formal wear. 
  • Beautiful snowy bliss! Chicago is beautiful in all seasons, but there is something extra magical about sparkling white snow falling from the sky. Although it will be cold, you can make the most out of a photo tour. Connect with your photographer, have a detailed plan and make sure bridesmaids are wrapped up in a cozy pashmina or some faux fur. 

To all newly engaged couples looking to explore the option a winter wedding, give us a call! Big City Bride wedding planners know how to plan a winter wedding! 





The first Monday post holiday season has arrived. Back to work and back to the routine! However, this is a special day in the wedding planning industry…it’s MATRIMONY MONDAY! Have your newsfeeds have been buzzing with new engagement photos? That is no surprise as we were just in the heart of engagement season. Big City Bride sends happy wishes to all those celebrating this very joyous occasion! It is such a special and BUSY time in a couple’s life. With that being said, newly engaged couples…let the wedding planning begin! Matrimony Monday is the perfect day to begin planning your dream day. Today is the day you start thinking BIG picture. Don’t worry about the details just yet. Creatively dream up visions in your head. From there, give Chicago’s favorite wedding planner a call. Big City Bride would love to hear your creative visions and translate them into an even better reality!