December Wedding Dreams


Before we wrap up December and glamorously welcome a new year, we have some very special occasions to share! December weddings are bright, beautiful and warm the hearts of every guest. Chicago is a perfect wedding destination year-round. Thankfully, it has been a mild Chicago winter for the Big City Bride wedding planning team. Although, weather will not hold us back! Rain, snow or sleet you’ll find us charging through the streets (smiling and in heels) directing wedding transportation and orchestrating a perfect wedding day for our clients. December brings a month of uncertain weather, but always a month of stunning, one of a kind celebrations! 

On a snowy December night in Chicago, two of the loveliest people joined together and created a celebration we will never forget. Everything about this gathering embodied love, happiness and represented our beautiful couple exactly as they are. It was an elegantly chic purple and silver affair!  Melissa and Larrell’s perfect winter wedding was chosen by The Knot to represent the state of Illinois for the #TheKnot50Weddings! The Knot has put together a collection of 50 weddings from across the country featured hereONE special wedding was chosen among HUNDREDS of submissions all across the state and we are beaming with joy that Melissa and Larrell’s wedding was selected! 

With very happy hearts, we share with you Melissa and Larrell’s feature



This day is EXTRA magical, as we celebrate another beautiful Chicago December wedding. The glam, the sparkles, the unbelievable decor created a perfect wedding celebration. December skies may sometimes be gloomy, but step into a Big City Bride wedding and you will fall in LOVE with winter. Winter tones, fur wraps, gorgeous floral, signature cocktails and stunning decor will leave you feeling merry and bright. 
Wishing the best on one year of marriage to both of these couples on their anniversaryl! Your day was magical and we are so happy we were apart of it! XOXO BCB Team loves you!

Photo Credit: Riverbend Studio



What a very merry time of year! We can not begin to express the gratitude we have for the love and light in our lives. What joy we have for what we do…and for the people we work with and work for throughout the year. Thank you to everyone who have sent Christmas cards and goodies our way to make it a truly special holiday at the Big City Bride office. We are wishing everyone a very special holiday season! Enjoy the moments with family and friends, cherish this season and remeber what this time of year is ALL about! XOXO, The BCB Chicago wedding planning team!


Choosing the RIGHT Wedding Vendor

The vendors you hire will determine the success of your wedding day. Truth be told, even the most organized of brides will not have full control of their wedding day. It is impossible to exchange vows while attempting orchestrate setup. It simply, cannot happen. The solution to this is to hire vendors you LOVE and trust. Your wedding day should be completely magical and most importantly, stress-free. You should have complete confidence in all vendors for them to takeover and create your vision. How to find the perfect vendor? Research, interview and find a connection. Research your options! Take the time to scout out the perfect person to fill the job. With the help of a Big City Bride wedding planner, instead of researching a vendor and you can efficiently just choose one! We do the work analyzing your budget and deciding which vendors would fit your style best. From there, we present you with a list of preferred options to choose from. A wedding planner is in your corner fighting for your vision at the price you need. We understand budgets, contracts, etc. We know our clients because we uniquely take the time to build a connection with them. If you cannot make a connection with your vendor you will most likely feel unsure and unsettled on your wedding day; two things a bride should NEVER feel.  On your wedding day, you should be completely in the moment! You should not be worried about if the cake arrived or if your transportation is on time…. if you hire the right vendors, you won’t need to be! The New Year is approaching fast and there still some 2015 venue dates available. If you are looking for a loved and trusted vendor, give Big City Bride wedding planners a call! We would LOVE to plan your special celebration. 

Photo Credit: Riverbend Studio

Book Your Wedding Venue BEFORE the Church!


When you begin planning your wedding, it is easy to become “just book it” happy. The process can be overwhelming, for some, and without proper guidance it is easy to book things that are readily available without researching your best options. Your favorite Chicago wedding planner cautions you on this!! Take time to let choices settle in BEFORE signing any contracts. You don’t want to lose money because you overbooked or booked the wrong thing. It is important to discuss all priorities and options before booking any wedding vendors. Take time to discuss payments with everyone involved in the wedding process. While planning a wedding, many people are under the impression you should book your ceremony location and then select a venue. However, this is FALSE! Big City Bride wedding planners have some expert advice for you.  A church can do MULTIPLE weddings in a day, but your wedding venue can only do ONE. If you pick your church first you are pigeonholing yourself to one date. Churches can accommodate to multiple weddings because of time. A ceremony will be about an hour and the church can usher guests out and still have time to setup for the next ceremony. Although the ceremony might not happen at your ideal time, it will still happen!  If your church only has an early time, don’t fret. Instead, use that to enjoy your wedding day…how often do you get to wear the most gorgeous dress and veil? Also, guests will LOVE this downtime! During the downtime they can explore Chicago, grab a drink at a local bar, freshen up, relax and prepare for the fun-filled night to come. Chicago is filled with beautiful churches, all special and unique in their own way. Many ceremony locations hold sentimental value to a couple; don’t settle for anything on your wedding day! All your dreams can come true, and with Chicago’s favorite wedding planner by your side…we are sure of it!


Photo Credit: Riverbend Studio

Embrace the Holiday Season!


The holiday season is simply magical. The craziness is already underway. Shopping malls are packed and everyone is out and about planning for the holiday. However, the holidays shed light on what is truly important in life; the people you love and care about. It is a time to reflect on the amazing opportunities and experiences the year has given you. This year, we have witnessed some amazing love and planned award-winning events. To all our past and current clients, we are hoping this holiday gives you the opportunity to celebrate your very special love.  The months fly by, SO this is your reminder to do something FOR YOURSELF with the PEOPLE YOU LOVE! In the blink of an eye we will be ringing in another year, but before this… it is important to embrace every last minute left of 2014. It is time to embrace the holidays and Chicago is the perfect place to do it! This weekend, pop into Starbucks or your favorite coffee shop and sip on a holiday drink. Sipping and smelling the joy of a peppermint coffee will warm your soul and put you in the holiday mood. Looking for an adventure? Ice-skating has been taken to the next level with the Maggie Daley skating ribbon opening TOMORROW!!! Experience a brand new Chicago attraction, while embracing a wonderful holiday tradition. Stay classic and enjoy a dinner under the big and beautiful Christmas Tree at The Walnut Room. Maybe celebrating the holiday is just popping in a movie, sitting by the fire and enjoying wonderful company! There are plenty of options to enjoy this magical season in Chicago! 

It has been BEYOND a fantastic year with so much to celebrate. We are in the midst of preparing for the last wedding and events of the year now (STAY TUNED. It is going to be amazing!!) and enjoying what is left of this holiday season. The BCB wedding planning team wishes everyone a joyous holiday season!

An Elegant Chicago Winter Winter

A gorgeous Chicago winter wedding never fails to steal our hearts! The rich winter hues paired with a picturesque background has us feeling all warm and fuzzy (on the inside that is)! As Chicago wedding planners, we are equipped to plan one of a kind celebrations with every new season Chicago throws our way. May it be sunshine or rain, snow or sleet the Big City Bride Chicago wedding planning team will make sure your day is nothing short of perfect. We understand a couples vision and we communicate this vision to ALL wedding vendors making sure when the couple walks into their celebration… it is a better one than they imagined! We are so honored to plan weddings weekend after weekend watching our client’s vision come true! However, with the hustle and bustle of Chicago’s city life, time seems to FLY by. We cannot believe two years ago we were celebrating this very special winter love. It was a magical celebration decorated with complete elegance. Our bride’s ensemble was oh, so chic! The dress, the veil, the shoes and the fur created the most desired winter wedding ensemble. Along with her ensemble, the wedding decor planned by Big City Bride was winter perfect! The deep winter tones paired with lush floral filled the room. The beautiful wedding photos snapped by Robyn Rachael Photography are filled with twinkling city lights, the gorgeous Chicago skyline and the crisp winter air. The perfect combination for a Chicago winter wedding planned by Chicago’s favorite wedding planner!








Photo Credit: Robyn Rachel Photography

Here are a few reasons why a dreamy winter wedding is wonderful…  

  1. GUESTS LOVE A WINTER WEDDING. The summer season is filled with events, activities and city festivals. Calendars fill up quickly and people tend to be much busier in the summer. So, when your winter wedding rolls around your guests will be uber excited to have this reason to celebrate. In the heart of a cold Chicago winter, guests will be eager to break out their fun cocktail or evening attire and dance the night away. Guests are also very likely to find cheaper accommodations wintertime because of a lull in tourist season!
  2. VENDORS LOVE A WINTER WEDDING TOO. Since there are far more weddings during the “on season” a winter soiree is the inspiration we need during those cold winter months.  OFF SEASON PRICING. Looking to save on your budget just a little? Choose the off-season! Some vendors will offer discounted pricing during the slower months due to less demand. Of course, there is really no “official” off-season but it typically ranges from January through March. So, when planning your date, location and budget always be sure to ask the off-season pricing.
  3. FUN WITH FOOD AND DRINK. Scrumptious recipes and drink selections are available for a winter celebration. Think comfort foods and holiday drinks! Treat guests to hot toddies, soup sips, warm bisque, etc. There are many different options to still have fun with a winter menu.  
  4. THE WARM AND FUZZIES. Even your look can be fun in the winter time. Think of faux fur, cozy pashminas, white heeled  boots, etc. A winter wardrobe is romantic and elegant. A deep fur paired with a bright white gown is elegant, chic and classy. The photo opportunities are endless with such unique attire.  
  5. CANDLELIGHT. So many brides dream of a romantic candlelight night but in the summertime the sun sets late and often the wedding reception is half over before the candles are visible. While this light is still dreamy and beautiful winter candlelight is a completely different feel. Utilize the darkness of winter time to light up your wedding with warm and enchanting candles. This is also a more cost efficient way to decorate your room.
  6. HONEYMOON HEAVEN. What better time to plan for a sunny honeymoon then in the dead of winter. A tropical beach is the perfect way to celebrate as newlyweds. When the wedding is said and done you’ll be so happy to be jetting off somewhere warm for a very good reason… Your honeymoon! 

AND here are a few tips for PLANNING your WINTER WEDDING:


Some photos are not worth the chill! If you have a photo tour planned around the city for your winter wedding, talk to your photographer and make a plan B schedule at indoor locations – don’t want to ruin your hair and makeup! If you choose to tough it out, bring plenty of coats, blankets, gloves, and hand warmers to stay toasty between photos.

·      Ensure your guests’ comfort by arranging heated transportation between the hotel, ceremony, and reception sites. Chicago’s winter months are no time to be wandering the city without directions, especially for out-of-town guests. Keep your guests safe, warm and on time!

·      Talk to your florist as you approach your wedding date: if the weather predictions include extreme cold or wind, you may want to discuss ordering duplicate bouquets and boutonnieres: one for your outdoor photo-shoot and one for the ceremony / reception. Flowers in harsh conditions can fade and wilt, so protect your bouquets in a plastic or paper bag to prevent damage.

·      ?Take advantage of the savory soups and comfort foods of winter! Ask your caterer to use winter flavors such as ginger, cinnamon, mint, rosemary, and parsley in your entrees. Let your guests melt when they see the your hot cocoa or coffee bar! Add red velvet, chocolate mint, or cinnamon doughnuts to top off your guests’ nights! Either of these can be a welcoming winter replacement at your reception.

Your favorite Chicago wedding planner knows all the tricks to plan the ULTIMATE stress-free, perfect winter wedding celebration! Know anyone in need of a Chicago wedding planner? The Big City Bride team would love to help!


HOT Wedding Dates for 2015

It’s the most WONDERFUL time of the year!!! The holiday season has officially begun and engagement season is upon us! To those who celebrated new engagements over the weekend, Big City Bride sends happy wishes your way and your favorite Chicago wedding planner would like to share with you some HOT WEDDING DATES FOR 2015. A memorable wedding date helps yours guests remember your upcoming celebration and even better… it also helps your fianc never forget an anniversary! As we look ahead into the new year, we have found a few special dates that would be perfect for an unforgettable celebration. As you are busy picking a wedding venue, ceremony location and securing your wedding date…consider one of these FUN DATES for your nuptials:

•   Valentine’s Day: it’s on a Saturday this year!  –  February 14, 2015

•   April 4, 2015: 4/4/15 – An easy to anniversary and date to remember for guests, 4/4!

•   Friday, March 13th – Superstitious anyone? This could be a fun wedding or event date “Friday the 13th”

•   June, 6, 2015: 6/6/15 – Another easy anniversary date to remember 6/6.

•   4th of July is on a Saturday this year too! A perfect holiday weekend for family and friends to celebrate. This could be the perfect weekend long celebration…people will be in the mood to relax and celebrate! 

•   August 8, 2014,  easy to anniversary to remember 8/8

•   October 10, 2014, easy to anniversary to remember 10/10

•   Halloween is on a Saturday 10/31/15! This date is perfect for the Halloween loving couple or someone looking to celebrate on a holiday!

•   Friday the 13th is  Friday, November 13th – maybe not your style for a wedding, but could be fun for a little rehearsal dinner fun.

•   December 12, 2015- 12/12 easy to anniversary to remember 12/12

•   New Years Day is on a Friday – no better way to start 2016 than by getting hitched!


There is still time to snag one of these HOT 2015 Wedding dates…and your favorite Chicago wedding planner can help! Call Big City Bride if you are in need of some wedding planning direction.