A Few Reasons for a Winter Wedding


There is no doubt summer weddings are in full swing and we are loving this summery season, but for those couples who dare to be different think WINTER WEDDING. A winter wedding is very different in itself. The whole look and feel is different than that of the other seasons. Glistening snow is a beautiful backdrop. Whether it’s delicately falling from the sky or laying softly on the ground it is a beautiful setting for your wedding photos.  Here are a few reasons why a dreamy winter wedding is wonderful…


  1. GUESTS LOVE A WINTER WEDDING. The summer season is filled with events, activities and city festivals. Calendars fill up quickly and people tend to be much busier in the summer. So, when your winter wedding rolls around your guests will be uber excited to have this reason to celebrate. In the heart of a cold Chicago winter, guests will be eager to break out their fun cocktail or evening attire and dance the night away. Guests are also very likely to find cheaper accommodations wintertime because of a lull in tourist season!
  2. VENDORS LOVE A WINTER WEDDING TOO. Since there are far more weddings during the “on season” a winter soiree is the inspiration we need during those cold winter months. 
  3. OFF SEASON PRICING. Looking to save on your budget just a little? Choose the off-season! Some vendors will offer discounted pricing during the slower months due to less demand. Of course, there is really no “official” off-season but it typically ranges from January through March. So, when planning your date, location and budget always be sure to ask the off-season pricing.
  4. FUN WITH FOOD AND DRINK. Scrumptious recipes and drink selections are available for a winter celebration. Think comfort foods and holiday drinks! Treat guests to hot toddies, soup sips, warm bisque, etc. There are many different options to still have fun with a winter menu.  
  5. THE WARM AND FUZZIES. Even your look can be fun in the winter time. Think of faux fur, cozy pashminas, white heeled  boots, etc. A winter wardrobe is romantic and elegant. A deep fur paired with a bright white gown is elegant, chic and classy. The photo opportunities are endless with such unique attire.  
  6. CANDLELIGHT. So many brides dream of a romantic candlelight night but in the summertime the sun sets late and often the wedding reception is half over before the candles are visible. While this light is still dreamy and beautiful winter candlelight is a completely different feel. Utilize the darkness of winter time to light up your wedding with warm and enchanting candles. This is also a more cost efficient way to decorate your room.
  7. HONEYMOON HEAVEN. What better time to plan for a sunny honeymoon then in the dead of winter. A tropical beach is the perfect way to celebrate as newlyweds. When the wedding is said and done you’ll be so happy to be jetting off somewhere warm for a very good reason… Your honeymoon!


Thank you for reading this if any of these ideas inspire you please feel free to share with your friends, family or Facebook! We are appreciative of anyone who reads our tips and tricks… And we are honored for anyone who considers Big City Bride for their wedding.






Photo Credit: Chicago wedding photograhers Robin Sloan (Top and Bottom photo) and Kenny Kim (Middle Photos)

Sherra + Eddie


Sherra Dunklin and Eddie Armstrong III celebrated their marriage at 5 p.m. Saturday, July 27, in Fourth Presbyterian Church, Chicago. Following the ceremony Sherra + Eddie celebrated the rest of the evening at Waldorf Astoria Chicago. Chicago wedding planner Chrissy Magliano transformed this space into a glamorous dream. Deep purple orchids, beautiful white garden roses, purple and fuchsia orchids and black feathers decorated the room. The silver sparkly linens accented by the tiled-mirror bar. Their wedding was a perfect blend of dreamy decor and easy elegance.

Photo Credit: Chicago Photographer Geber & Scarpelli 














Today, Sherra + Eddie celebrate their first year of marriage. It is hard to believe this magical wedding took place one year ago. Big City Bride is sending love and hugs to this amazing couple. We are forever grateful to have been apart of this day and we wish you the both years and years of happiness! Happy ONE YEAR Sherra + Eddie…we love you!

Photo Credit: Chicago Photographer Geber & Scarpelli 



Tiffany + Penn







Just one year ago on July 20, 2013 Tiffany + Penn celebrated their wedding at the Chicago Cultural Center. Big City Bride had the honor of planning, designing and celebrating this special occasion with the happy couple! Tiffany and Penn threw a modern and romantic celebration for all their guests to experience. The love we witnessed on this day was truly unique. The photos we have shared give you just a glimpse at the magic we were able to experience. We cannot believe the year has passed this quick. Tiffany + Penn- we are sending love + hugs to the both of you! Happy first year of marriage, we wish you many, many more.

Photo Credit: Wedding Photographer IN-FOCUS PHOTOGRAPHY

The Ultimate After Party!

The wedding reception goes by faster then you can imagine. However, the celebration does not have to end when the band or DJ play the final song. Continue the celebration with a post-reception bash!

Big City Bride is creating uber fun after parties to keep the celebration going long after the formalities are finished. The after party does not have to cost much at all… think reuse and repurpose! If the location of the after party is the same location as the reception take flowers, furniture, dcor, etc. from cocktail hour and re-set in a slightly different way with a few tweaks. Just add music + drinks and watch the party go and go and go! Create a wedding playlist on an iPod prior to wedding day so the music is ready to go. If there needs to be a location change and you would prefer to keep things casual, pick a bar and have your wedding party inform everyone of the location. This will give guests the option to join if they would like, but remember it is a good idea to call ahead to scope out the bar scene. You don’t want to show up to a bar with line around the block or a one with a private party! For a formal after party, you may want to include the after-party information on your wedding website or invitation. This will guarantee the invite has been extended to all guests!


Some of our favorite after party ideas are…

·       Creating a unique and personal after party name, such as “Happily Ever After Party”

·       Champagne bottle flares

·       Light up champagne bottles

·       Disco balls over the dance floor

·       Late night bites and food trucks


For more photos from this amazing night planned by Big City Bride: Instagram @BigCityBride


If we could shoot off fireworks and sprinkle the world with confetti today, we would! It’s Chrissy’s birthday and she deserves everything delicious and happy and fun. She is an inspiration. She is talented. She is fierce. She is a role model, a kind friend, a passionate and fun loving lady who is thoughtful beyond words. She is a constant source of entertainment and laughter…never failing to lift our spirits and bring a smile to the world. Today we hope her spirits are high…smiles are endless…and her day is full of joy! HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHRISSY! xo

Photo Credit: Robyn Rachel Photography

Happy Fourth of July!


Big City Bride is wishing everyone a very Happy Fourth of July! It’s a holiday to celebrate the ultimate summer day. It’s a holiday of food, friends, family, drinks, beach, and fireworks! Most importanly is a day to relax and focus on simple pleasures of life. Take time to soak up some Chicago sunshine, enjoy wonderful company and catch a firework show. As Chicago wedding planners we see “firework moments” every weekend. Some involve actual sparklers and some involve a couples sparkling love. Big City Bride wishes everyone a special “firework moment” this holiday weekend. 

Photo captured by Chicago wedding photogapher Gerber and Scarpelli


This year Big City Bride is celebrating the fouth of July on Lake Michigan with a Chicago beach wedding. This event has been perfectly designed and planned by Chicago wedding planner Claire Weller! We have been anxiously awaiting this event for months….make sure to check Instagram: @BigCityBride for live photos of this celebration! 

CS Brides Feature: Sherra + Eddie

We are so happy to share Sherra Dunklin and Eddie Armstrong special Chicago wedding feature in Modern Luxury CS Brides. Sherra and Eddie celebrated their wedding last July in Chicago. It was a beautiful ceremony at Fourth Presbyterian Church followed by a reception at the Waldorf Astoria. Chicago wedding planner Chrissy Maglianno transformed the Waldorf Astoria into a glamorous celebration! Pink, purple and silver sparkly details took over the 5th floor, creating a truly magical atmosphere. The event was elegantly unique with a bold color scheme. Chrissy, Chicago wedding planner, created Sherra and Eddie’s dream Chicago wedding. Big City Bride was thrilled to be apart of such a happy and romantic celebration…and we are just glowing seeing this wedding in print!

View the digital version here: http://digital.modernluxury.com/publication/?i=213750&p=226

This wedding magic was captured by Gerber & Scarpelli Photography