A Décor Dream Come True!

Big City Bride is dedicated to providing our clients with stylish, customized wedding planning. We perfectly craft each Chicago or destination wedding to fit the unique style of  our bride and groom. We spend HOURS thinking, planning and designing until we discover that “YES!” moment. The creative details of a wedding are not something we simply “come up with.” We spend time dreaming up the most perfect wedding for our bride and groom. It is amazing watching our dcor dreams come true! 

This past March, the Planetarium transformed into a romantic vision. Chicago photographer, Robyn Rachel was able to capture all the magic we so happliy can look back on. The space was SPARKLING. The room was filled with gorgeous high centerpieces, intricate flower arrangements, bold color tones, sparkling chandeliers, dangling crystals and chic lounge furniture. The dcor was FABULOUS, every guest gasped with amazement as they walked into the room. It was a dcor dream come true and we are still smiling at the thought of the amazing details. The pieces perfectly fit together and our couples vision was made a reality. Our lovely Chrissy created the most romantic room the Planetarium has EVER seen! Enjoy this unbelievable Chicago wedding….









 We are still swooning over these amazing photos by Chicago Photographer Robyn Rachel http://www.robynrachelphotography.com/#/home/.

Happy Birthday Kayla!

Today we celebrate the beautiful and vibrant Kayla on her birthday! Kayla is our glue…she keeps us going and makes us smile. We are so grateful she is a part of this team. She is sweet and soft spoken while still so bold and vivacious. She takes great care of those she loves so today we want to take great care of her….sending her so much love and the very best wishes for a wonderful year ahead. xoxo

Photo Credit: Riverbend Studio

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This year Big City Bride has been nominated for “Best of 2014” by Make it Better Media. What an incredible honor this is! We have such joy for what we do. Planning, designing and working with amazing clients is a blessing. We LOVE what we do and it is truly special when others love our work too. With very happy hearts we ask you VOTE for Big City Bride. Click this link: http://makeitbetter.net/magazine/6165-best-of-2014-cast-your-votes-now?utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=MAY+28+BETTER+LETTER&utm_content=MAY+28+BETTER+LETTER+CID_3c9d6d71ba26cb0dee93b3e6fb7123f0&utm_source=Better+Letter&utm_term=Best+of+2014+Cast+Your+Votes+Now  Big City Bride can be found under the “celebration” category. Voting will be closed Monday, June 16 …cast your vote!! We are BEYOND excited about this, thank you for all your support!


Matrimony Monday!

The ladies of Big City Bride are filled with excitement today! As wedding planners we love the first Monday following a holiday weekend. Holidays are the perfect time for family get togethers, parties and (our favorite) ENGAGEMENTS. The long holiday weekend stages the perfect opportunity for someone to propose or for already engaged couples to discuss the planning with loved ones. Today, once the craziness of the holiday weekend has ended, couples have a chance to dive into the planning process. Couples discuss venues, catering, photography––the “where, when and hows” of a wedding.  If you are a newly engaged or planning a wedding and have hit a wall in the planning process DO NOT WORRY, that is what we are here for! Big City Bride offers all different levels of wedding planning packages to suit each clients needs. We understand each couple is at a different stage, maybe a venue as been selected, but you’re not quite sure where to go next. We would LOVE to help! Give us a call, we would love to chat all about your special celebration!


Photgraphy: Chicago photographer Robyn Rachel http://www.robynrachelphotography.com/#/home/